Wajimanuri Kaikan(lacquering techique hall)


Wajima Lacquerware Museum

Wajima-nuri is widely accepted as the pinnacle of achievement in terms of lacquer art that has developed in the natural environment of Japan. The traditional heart of Japan is expressed through the tirelessly accumulated techniques of the craftsmen that produce the lacquer art. Both durable and exquisite, it has timelessly expressed the elegance of the soul of Japan. In the museum there are both valuable works on display of the master craftsmen of the past and contemporary pieces that will convince the observer of their unparalleled beauty and technique.


Museum Entrance Fees
Adults: 300yen
High school students: 200yen
Junior high school students: 100yen

Group fees (20 or more people)
Adults: 250yen
High school students: 150yen
Junior high school students: 50yen

Opening hours / 8:30~17:00
Holidays / Open everyday

Wajimanuri Kaikan


Tel. 0768-22-2155
Open  8:30am – 5:00pm.
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